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it's meme time.

Name the last five people who texted you. Do not read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 5 people. This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first..

1. Johnathon
2. Mike
3. Ishmael
4. Lamia
5. Joey

1. How did you meet 3?
I had just moved to a new school near the end of 8th grade, and Ishmael was the first person to talk to me. He was like, "Hey I'm Ishmael, do you wanna hang out at recess?"

2. What would you do if #2 and #3 were going out?
Seeing as how the first and only time they met, Mike said "he reminds me of a guy I hate"... I don't think they would ever go out.

3. How long have you known #4?
Is it sad that I know the exact date? May 2, 2001

4. What do u think of #2?
I really don't even know anymore.

5. A fact about #4?
She's my best friend.

Okay, I can do better than that. She was born in Saudi Arabia.

6. Who is #2 going out with?
Nobody right now. His last girlfriend was Elena. That lasted for about 2 minutes.

7. What's #1 do for a living?
He used to work with me at the bookstore, but now he works at Home Depot and goes to school

8. Where does #5 live ?
with me... he's my brother :)

9. Is #1 your best friend ?
Nope. We have good talks on msn though. :/

10. Do you miss #2?
I'll let you know tomorrow.

11. What would you do if #3 and #4 were going out?
Ishmael's into dudes now, BUT I could actually see them dating. They're both hilarious but yet laid back.

12. Ever gone somewhere with #5?
All the time. To the store, to the mall, to the park, whatever.

13. What would you do if #1 and #5 were going out?
LOL my brother would nottttttt want to date Johnathon, seriously.

14. What do you think of #3?
He's my best guy friend <3

15. Ever slept over in the same house with #5?
LOL we've slept in the same bed dude.

16. Ever been to #2 house?
No, although he's bugged me to.

17. What would u do if #4 was in jail?
Well, since I'd most likely be in there WITH her, I'd probably just entertain her until we go out.

18. Do you care about #3?
Of course!

19. What is the one thing you love about #5?
He's honestly the coolest brother in the history of brothers. Plus, he's so damn funny.

20. Would you ever party with any of #1-5? every weekend?
Uh, yeah!!

21. Ever see #3 naked?
No, but close to it. LOLLLLLLLLLL I'm reliving that moment.

22. Do #1 and #2 know eachother?
No. #1 knows OF #2.

23. Are you related to any of the 5?
#5 (Joey) is my little brother.

24. Have you kissed any of the 5?
On the cheek, mmhm.

25. Ever do something illegal with any of the 5?
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