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friends only!

this journal serves as
a release for everything I'm feeling; my therapy, photos and conversations from days passed, memories, funny anecdotes, instant messages, quotes, songs that I enjoy, random thoughts, a place to feel completely comfortable in my own skin and own mind

some entries [private, personal entries] will be friends locked, while others [memes, movie reviews, photo posts, etc.] will be open to the public.

the girl behind the computer
is twenty one, lives in Canada, has freckles, loves tall guys and jaw lines, watches How I Met Your Mother, has three cats, is lactose intolerant, loves to go clubbing; Long Island Iced Tea is the drink of choice, loves concerts, will forever be stuck in the '90s, still lives at home, has a job at a university bookstore, loves photography and backstreet boys, dislikes phony people, catty girls, and cheesecake.

001. work out 4-5 times a week
002. stick to a skin care routine
003. grow out hair passed my boobs
004. keep eyebrows maintained
005. tone body up, be able to wear a bikini
006. get a brazilian wax
007. get a pedicure every couple of months

008. buy a dSLR camera [0/1]
009. save $10,000
010. update complete wardrobe
011. buy a Louis Vuitton bag [0/1]
012. buy a pair of designer jeans [0/1]
013. buy a pair of Christian Louboutins [0/1]

health concious
014. drink more water
015. eliminate all dairy
016. eliminate all fast food/take out
017. cut down on sugar intake
018. cut down on sodium intake
019. take up a new sport
020. be able to run one mile in under 10 minutes
021. take a multi-vitamin
022. take a class (kickboxing, yoga, etc.)
023. cut down on red meat
024. consume more fibre
025. learn to swim farther distances

026. post a youtube video every week
027. join a choir
028. join the Royal Conservatory of Music
029. pay for studio time
030. jam with Sarah and create new songs with her DECEMBER 16, 2010
031. book some gigs
032. learn to play guitar
033. finish novel
034. finish screenplay
035. create a photo collage

036. get a passport
037. go to Dominican Republic and relax
038. visit Ireland
039. visit Greece
040. visit England (stay with family?)

041. Hedley (4 TIMES IN 2010, 5 TIMES ALTOGETHER)
042. Backstreet Boys
043. Bon Jovi
044. John Mayer
045. Taylor Swift
047. Our Lady Peace
048. see a basketball Game, hockey game, and baseball game [0/3]

049. volunteer at least 6 times a year
050. go to Pride
051. go on a roadtrip
052. kiss a stranger
053. go to these clubs: Century Room, Cheval, Rockwood, Tryst, Courthouse
054. go camping
055. go skiing/snowboarding (stay in lodge)
056. go to casino
057. go to Niagara Falls
058. get a massage
059. get a facial
060. go bungee jumping
061. go skydiving
062. buy a piece of art
063. watch 50 movies I haven't previously seen [0/50]
064. read 20 books I haven't previously read [0/20]
065. go to a different restaurant once a month [0/36]
066. move out on my own
067. host dinner parties
068. rescue an animal
069. donate to charities
070. get more tattoos
when I think of more, I'll add them
Tags: goals, introduction
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